About Me…

picture of DonSketching :: I’ve been sketching since 1975, when I had to maintain a sketchbook as part of an art class in perspective drawing. It was so fun, I’ve always maintained one, though it seems like I mostly added to my sketchbook on trips and vacations. Much of my energy over the years has been given to creating self-published ‘zines. But I have been getting back to sketching more regularly, and now that I have discovered the Urban Sketchers group in Seattle, I plan to continue that.
Seattle Urban Sketchers

painting detailPainting :: I have recently begun painting again, as the sidebar explains. For some years I have wondered why I put so much effort into my sketchbook creations, with no further thought toward creating finished pieces or something I could actually hang on the wall. I am now shifting that a bit – stepping out of my sketchbook approach to creating with paint and canvas. We’ll see where it leads.